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Yurei T-shirt Purple 👻


About the collection:
"Greetings from your nightmares" is the darkest collection I ever designed. For this new products I've completely changed the style, the color intensity and processes to include new techniques that can help me produce higher quality and resolution products. I am really happy to bring you this full color prints collection in the best apparel quality.

✨My girls greet you from the depths of your nightmares✨

Yūrei are femenine spirits part of the Japanese folklore. They can appear in our world just to frighten and torment people who offended them in life, but without causing physical harm. Yūreis are thought to be spirits that can't have a peaceful life after death due to something that happened in life because they commited suicide or did not have a funneral ceremony.

Specs of the product:
-Front print
-Digital printed
-100% cotton
-Heavy cotton

width x length in cm

S 46x71 cm
M 51x74 cm
L 56x76 cm
XL 61x79 cm
2XL 66x81 cm