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Kappa-chan Embroidered


About the collection:
"Greetings from your nightmares" is the darkest collection I ever designed. For this new products I've completely changed the style, the color intensity and processes to include new techniques that can help me produce higher quality and resolution products. I am really happy to bring you this full color prints collection in the best apparel quality.

✨My girls greet you from the depths of your nightmares✨

Kappas also known as kawatarō, Komahiki or kawatora , are a variety of yōkai or demons of the Japanese folklore that live in rivers or lakes. The Shintoists consider them as water deities but in Japanese Buddhism, kappas are considered as a species of hungry ogres that can harm humans. Btw cucumber are meant to be their traditional favorite meal.

Specs of the product:
-Front embroidered
-100% cotton
-Heavy cotton